One of the things about Soundsmith’s unique MMC Fixed-Coil cartridges is that they can be rebuilt, as new, for just 20% of the retail price. We are able to rebuild our cartridges - over and over - because the parts that wear out are replaceable by our highly-skilled technicians. MC cartridges do not have this advantage, which is why it can cost nearly the full retail price to get a “rebuild” on a Moving Coil cartridge.


When you get a Soundsmith Fixed-Coil cartridge rebuilt, you get a product that returns to it’s original, new-in-the-box performance, and it costs just 20% of the retail price. It doesn’t matter if you’re stylus has merely worn out or if you’ve suffered an unfortunate analog-accident and snapped your cantilever. We can rebuild your Soundsmith cartridge to as-new condition for an 80% discount from the new retail price. 


Who else offers such a generous rebuild program?


(hint: no one!)


Soundsmith : Perfect Sound Forever and Ever.™

They Said What?

The Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC ($1499.95) is a new cartridge that uses much of the technology of the Soundsmith Sussurro ($4799.95),

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